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Working with social media platforms has been our business since Facebook began. Now we operate within a vast range of channels and have the understanding to guide businesses of any size on how best to structure campaigns, create strategies and improve content management, ensuring our clients feel confident that their social media is working as hard as it possibly can.

Can my business be sociable?

Online? Most definitely. Whilst the concept of projecting (and even conducting) your business through social media channels may feel relatively new, it’s already established as the direction in which activity is moving.  A successful business can’t remain an introvert, which is why Strive Online will work as your digital guide to the etiquettes of relevant social media platforms. Although fast-paced and ever changing, with our support, social media marketing will feel like second nature in no time.

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What is social media marketing?

With close to half the population currently tapped in to social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a but a few, it’s the latest and greatest route to widespread product and corporate brand building.

A channel rich with potential business, you’d be missing a trick if you didn’t get your company out in the social media sphere, whether that’s to develop product or service awareness, or further encourage sales. 

Whether you ‘like’ it or not, social media presents a content sharing catalogue of opportunity for any business or brand, with it’s recognised position world-over as the place to create and share content, find news, and influence.

There’s a lot to take on board, so having an experienced guide to prioritise your company’s interests can be a great help. Here’s where Strive Online comes in.

From launching your product through the most appropriate social media channels, to generating brand awareness and quality leads, we’ll perform as your expert social media marketing agency, applying our end-to-end knowledge to drive your businesses’ growth.

By understanding (and sharing with you) how both organic and paid social campaigns can work successfully together, we’ll create the perfect strategy, ready to integrate across relevant social media channels.


The activity, posts, content and comments uploaded to your social media channels that you don’t pay for. 

Advertisements or sponsored social media marketing messages designed to target specific audiences.

With 2.80 billion monthly active users, 1.84 billion of which visit the social networking site on a daily basis, Facebook is still considered the largest social platform of them all, making it a go-to place for brand building results.

You could say it’s a simplified version of Facebook, with an emphasis on mobile use and visual sharing, Instagram is a main player for the under 30s and a brand opportunity not to be missed.

No longer restricted to posts of a mere 140 characters, viral content hotspot Twitter remains a platform leader, now offering up to 280 characters for us to create each business message.

Did you know that YouTube is a search engine as well as a social media channel? In fact, it’s the second most popular route to finding what you’re looking for online after Google. Not only that, but in the social media stakes it comes in just below Facebook in terms of popularity. No wonder YouTube’s becoming television’s main competitor, with businesses and individuals alike uploading their talents, products and messages to engage users all over the world.

Not to be overlooked within a business’s social media marketing strategy, Pinterest attracts over 250 million monthly users, each on the hunt for inspiration and ideas. These searches can result in the purchase of a product, so it’s one to add the list.

Without doubt, the most business orientated of all the platforms. LinkedIn has pitched itself as the advertising channel of choice for industry and business, helping enterprises connect and influence via a direct and effective route.


We won’t keep your progress to ourselves and will remain committed to reporting data findings; so together we can review and assess planned activity against target objectives and KPIs.

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